Video Wall Features - The ‘in thing’ in digital advertising

Video Wall Features – The ‘in thing’ in digital advertising

10:01 29 April in Audio Visual

Gone are thick, distracting bezels (screen surrounds) of old and in are the slim bezels, barely visible to the user.

Video Walls are the Billboards of today. Large bright and impactful, these screens engage any passer-by with their attention-grabbing size and images.

There are many opportunities where one can exploit these videos to attract attention, including:

  • Instore advertisements;
  • Food courts for advertisements and sport events;
  • Reception walls;
  • Control centres, and
  • So many others

Benefits of Video Wall Features:

  • It allows you to be interactive with your audience
  • Video wall technology is entertaining and captivating
  • Video wall technology has been designed to be more simple and easy to use
  • This technology can be affordable when you compare it to the many forms of digital media available for advertising.

With Video Wall advertising becoming a more powerful medium for business’s to reach their customers / clients.

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