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Poly Trio C60

Poly Trio C60 Smart Conference Phone

14:01 23 April in VC, VC Tips by Derek Olivier

The Poly Trio C60 Smart Conference Phone is more than just a VoIP conference phone. It brings people together to launch big ideas beyond traditional conference phones. And ensure everyone at the table can be heard, near or far with Poly signature audio. The builtin...

Poly Studio

Poly Studio USB Collaboration Bar

08:00 23 April in VC, VC Tips by Derek Olivier

The Poly Studio USB Collaboration Sound Bar is the perfect solution for a huddle room and small meeting spaces. The Poly Studio delivers the best audio quality in its class with builtin technology to block distracting sounds that can interrupt meetings....

Poly G7500

Poly G7500 Video Conference System

12:15 22 April in VC, VC Tips by Derek Olivier

The Poly G7500 Video Conference System is a modular video solution that allows you to configure the system the way you want, enabling you to overcome those unique challenges that some environments present. The Poly G7500 is loaded with features and provides a simple method...

Polycom CX5500

Polycom CX5500 – Putting A New Spin On Video Conferencing

01:14 25 June in VC by Derek Olivier

Introducing the new Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station. This unit is a great alternative to traditional video conference system and can be connected to any computer. We’re also the first to admit, immersive video conferencing solutions aren’t for everyone. Even though they do exactly what...

Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio

Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio

08:15 06 April in VC, VC Tips by commspartner

The Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio provides a specially designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio, and collaboration experience that is so real, you forget about the technology and focus only on the objective and content of your meeting....

Polycom Open Telepresence Experience

Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX)

06:50 04 June in VC, VC Tips by commspartner

The Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) solution brings the productivity benefits of normal immersive telepresence to nearly any type of meeting. You can use it to collaborate with workgroups, global development teams, and everyday meetings are enhanced by the clarity, rich video, and content...

Polycom RealPresence CloudAxis Suite

Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite

13:30 16 March in VC by commspartner

Polycom recently announced the release of their new ground breaking products for the video collaboration market that will transform the future of video conferencing. The list of additional products comprise of: User Interface, Endpoints, RealPresence CouldAxis Suite and a Collaboration Server 800s....