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DCN Conference Solutions

Bosch DCN Conference Solutions

DICENTIS Wired & Wireless Conference Solutions

Bosch Wired Conference System
Bosch HD Conference Dome Camera
Bosch DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

General Features Available

  • Delegate Microphone Control
  • Chairman Override
  • Discussion Languages
  • Voting From Consoles
  • Interpretation Desks (Multiple languages)
  • Wired & Wireless Options
  • Unique IP-based OMNEO media networking technology
  • HD Cameras with Control

Bosch DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

DICENTIS Available Features

Meeting Prep & Management

  • Enables meeting and agenda preparation and management
  • Creates structured meetings with agenda topics
  • Links multimedia content to meetings and/or agenda topics
  • Meetings can be easily managed
  • Discussion settings can be defined

Participant Database

  • Comprehensive database information for all participants
  • Re-use of participant information across meetings
  • Defines discussion, manages meeting and priority authorization for each individual participant
  • Option to add pictures to participants

Media Sharing

  • Media sharing from remote presentation computer
  • Shared-screen is auto-scaled

Software Maintenace Agreement

  • Enables best‑possible system performance
  • Convenient upgrade of software instead of expensive hardware
  • Regular updates

Voting at Seat

  • User-friendly voting procedure
  • Voting choice and results can be automatically displayed on the DICENTIS multimedia and Extended Devices
  • Reuse of voting licenses for new seats if old seats are deleted
  • Intuitive colored voting buttons for ease of use

Identification at Seat

  • Enables use of a unique username (and password) for logging in to a DICENTIS multimedia Device
  • NFC tag can be used to log in a DICENTIS wireless Device Extended, discussion Voting, Language, Extended or a DCNM-MMD2 device
  • Possibility to use fixed or free seating
  • DICENTIS wireless Device Extended and DICENTIS Extended Devices can display a welcome screen with personal participant information
  • Participants are recognized during login; number of present and absent participants can be displayed on DICENTIS wireless Device Extended and DICENTIS Extended Devices

Set Language at Seat

  • Intuitive interface for switching between floor language and other available languages
  • Name of selected language is clearly displayed using original name and characters
  • Interpreted speech can be listened to via headphone output of DICENTIS multimedia, Extended or Language Device

Camera Control

  • Automatically shows current speaker on display of multimedia devices
  • Interface for Bosch Onvif compliant IP cameras
  • Automatically discovers cameras
  • Controls HD-SDI video switchers

Voting Prep and Management

  • Voting rounds can be prepared beforehand and conveniently selected during a meeting
  • Individual voting authorization can be defined for participants
  • Secure storage and easy-access of voting data for post-voting or post-meeting analysis
  • Total and interim voting result options for public voting and secret ballot
  • Easy third-party access of data via system APIs

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