Poly Studio X Series

Poly Studio X Series Video Conference Systems

11:00 23 April in VC, VC Tips

The Poly Studio X Series video conference systems deliver radical simplicity in a small and elegant package. Now you can huddle happily in smaller rooms and connect easily in conference rooms whatever video collaboration software you use.

Experience full board-room quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing that you can fling your content onto in seconds, all miniaturised into one sleek bar. So, say goodbye to pucks, cords, and cables. Ditch the PC to drive the meeting since the Poly Video OS runs the show. Easy to install, easy to manage—and best of all, easy to use. The new Poly Studio X Series of video conference bars puts the mojo back into meetings.

The Poly Studio X Series video conference systems are available in two versions. The Poly Studio X30 is best used in small rooms with a maximum of four people while the Poly Studio X50 is perfect for rooms with no than ten people.

Easy to use!

  • Get any small or medium room up and running in minutes, with the simple setup process and all-in-one design.
  • Adjusting the camera positions is no longer required with the remote with the builtin smart camera that automatically frames individuals and groups, so everyone always looks their best.
  • Make it easy for anyone, even guests, to share content wirelessly from any personal device—with no unique apps or tools needed
  • Turbocharge users’ productivity – from the desktop to the meeting room—with a consistent, familiar interface
  • Use the Poly cloud device management software, sold separately, to streamline your global deployment and ensure your systems are ready to go every day of the week.
  • Includes user-friendly control options, a dedicated touch interface, and a rich set of APIs to control the system from third party systems.

The focus is on the performance

  • Enjoy legendary audio from Poly, with the crisp, room-filling sound made possible by an innovative acoustic chamber design.
  • Make communicating effortless for everyone on the call, with a next-generation beamforming microphone array that clearly picks up all voices in a room.
  • Block out distractions with NoiseblockAI, powered by machine learning.
  • Acoustic Fence technology keeps outside voices from interrupting your conversation.
  • Create higher intelligibility—and capture less noise—with a 2nd Order gradient microphone array (Poly Studio X50 only).
  • Surround everyone with the rich, legendary sound with stereo speakers that deliver immersive, room-filling audio (Poly Studio X50 only).
  • 4K UltraHD camera to zoom into the action and see the details you missed before.
  • Dual monitor support ensures you have the ideal setup for a room of many sizes. (Poly Studio X50 only).

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Interoperability with other platforms

  • On-board support from cloud service platforms support means you can use your PC for collaboration, not conferencing.
  • Currently compatible with Zoom, and the Microsoft Teams option will become available later this year.
  • Give everyone the confidence that comes from knowing they can connect to any cloud video service easily—with no PC needed.
  • Empower your users to join any meeting, with H.323 and SIP support for connecting to any standards-based video conference.

Poly Studio X Series – Features Comparison

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