Televic Conference

Televic Conference

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Televic Conference manufactures innovative solutions for moderated meetings. It has a complete range of both wired and wireless conference solutions that improve your overall meeting experience by simplifying the decision making process. Users can now host more efficient meetings with a clear focus, crystal-clear audio and video.

To get cutting-edge features and future proof flexibility, we need only look to the Televic Conference PLIXUS Architecture. This solution caters for the smallest audio-only requirement to larger complex multimedia projects by making use of a DANTE networked backbone. Users can mix and match tabletop and multimedia flush mount devices, all in the same solution. Do you need both wired and wireless units? With PLIXUS that’s no problem! Participants can even get a perfect view of the meeting with their low latency, HD video distribution system.

Televic Conference Architecture

Televic Conference PLIXUS Architecture

Meet the PLIXUS network. Get unparalleled flexibility and cutting-edge features from smaller audio-only rooms to complex, large-scale multimedia projects. Combine flush mount multimedia and tabletop devices. Or mix wired and wireless units. Plus, get an innovative and user-friendly interpretation. And tie it all together with versatile video distribution to give every participant a perfect view of the meeting.

PLIXUS Features:

  • Zero audio compression with high definition audio
  • Low latency HD Video
  • Unlimited grouping possibilities
  • The Plixus Engine has an onboard DSP to tweak each audio stream
  • Dante Interface with no degradation when interfacing with 3rd party devices
  • Closed network architecture so there is no possibility of 3rd party devices or connections being allowed.

Versatile Wired Products

Televic uniCOS 10” Tabletop Unit

Multimedia Units

Next-generation multimedia touch screen devices with video streaming and document sharing.

Televic Conference Flushnount Units

Flushmount Units

Sleeking looking Televic Conference devices that integrate seamlessly in desks and other custom furniture.

Televic Confidea FLEX

Tabletop Units

These devices are designed for installations on top of a table or podium.

Televic Lingua Interpreter Desk

Interpreter Desk

The Televic Conference Interpreter desks excel when it comes to usability.

Televic Conference Video Solutions

Video Solutions

A range of products that make video in conference rooms easy and accessible.

Televic Conference Electronic Nameplate


Save time and money with the Televic Electronic Nameplate. No more paper required!

Versatile Wired Products

Leave the cables behind and experience meetings without boundaries. Wireless solutions give you unmatched versatility: freedom of movement, flexibility in the number of participants, connecting multiple rooms, and more. Confidea Wireless G3 gives you even more. It’s simple to set up, easy to control, and above all: reliable. So, you’re free from cables and free from worries.

Televic Confidea G3 Wireless Access Point

Confidea G3 WAP

The Wireless Access Point (WCAP) to connect wireless units.

Televic Confidea G3 CIV

Confidea G3 CIV

Wireless chairperson unit with integrated speaker, interpretation, and voting.

Televic Confidea G3 2D2I

Confidea G3 2D2I

Wireless delegate unit with integrated speaker and interpretation for two users (two mic buttons).

Televic Confidea Charging Tray

Confidea Charging Tray

Rack mountable tray to charge six Confidea Battery Packs at once.

Televic Confidea Transport Case

Confidea Transport Case

Transport case for up to twelve wireless units and all accessories.

Televic Confidea Battery Pack

Confidea Battery Pack

Rechargeable Li-ion Confidea Battery Pack.

Product Options:

  • Wireless Confidea Series which includes integrated speakers, interpretation & interpretation for two users off a single microphone
  • Wired Plixus Series which includes multimedia devices with video and document sharing; flush mount solutions; desktop solutions; interpreter desks
  • Lingua IR for simple language distribution to all delegates present
  • Camera Tracking in video distribution systems
  • Host of custom products

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