Sound Masking System

Sound Masking System • Increase Productivity In Your Workspace

14:19 23 August in Audio Visual, AV Tips

A sound masking system is normally used in an open place office area because these areas are prone to unwanted background noise. As a result, the unobtrusive background sound is masked with an airflow type sound. Consequently reducing the intelligibility of human speech and reducing distractions in the area. Finally increasing privacy and comfort for the employees and leading to greater productivity.

How Does A Sound Masking System, Also Known As A “White Noise” System Work?

Sound Masking System - Analogy with LightA Sound Masking System, also known as White Noise System, like white light, consists of all frequencies combined together.

White noise is a special type of sound signal which is used to mask background sounds, especially in open plan office areas.  When used to promote concentration, white noise helps to drown out sounds which might otherwise prevent you from focusing on the task at hand.

For another analogy let’s use light. Imagine using a flashlight in a dark room, as a result the light source will be immediately noticeable. But what if the room is already brightly lit? The flashlight is now barely noticeable because it has been “masked” by the brighter room lights.

*Special thanks to Ford AV for this professional video.

How To Successfully Implement A Sound Masking System

Implementing the following technologies in your area will help improve your acoustics and increase the necessary private levels.


Absorb sound waves by using high-NRC-rated ceiling tiles and acoustic wall panels, in addition to a sound masking system.


Block by using high-STC-rated panels, partitions, walls, windows, etc, rather than traditional products.


Cover by adding an unstructured low-level background sound, also known as sound masking or white noise.


Most offices will require a combination of these three technologies to provide an acoustically pleasing environment. In most cases, no one technology by itself will solve your privacy needs. While covering provides the greatest increase in privacy per South African rand invested, it must be used in conjunction with a proper mixture of absorption and blocking in order to achieve specific privacy speech levels.

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