Preventative Maintenance & Service Level Agreement

Protect your technology investment, with CommsPartner’s Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreement

07:00 01 February in Audio Visual, IT, VC

Preventative Maintenance & Service Level Agreement

In two hours and 47 minutes, Norman will make the most critical presentation of his career.  He will face the steel-haired, Jag-driving board members of a small investment group, interested in buying shares in his business.  He will impress them, with the cool confidence of a man destined for greatness.  But what Norman doesn’t know, is that in exactly 9 minutes, when he plans to run through his 31-page Powerpoint presentation one last time, he will realise that his state-of-the-art projector just won’t power on.  Oh dear, Norman.  You have a problem…

Investing in any AV or IT technology is like owning a car.  Unless you have it properly maintained, you’re bound to run into problems at some point.  And if your business depends on technology as much as Norman’s does, you’d want to know that when something goes wrong, you can rely on someone to fix it.

Taking care of your technology

At CommsPartner, we ensure that our clients’ technology investments are well looked after, through the structuring and implementation of proactive after-sales and support services.  These services are designed around the specific needs and budget of each client, which means that affordability is rarely an issue when applying best practices in AV and IT support.

We provide two options:

Option 1: The Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA)

A Preventative Maintenance Agreement (or PMA) entails the planned, regular maintenance of hardware, with maintenance intervals based on time or usage.  As the name suggests, it can prevent unnecessary wear, damage and downtime, ensuring that your technology lasts longer and performs at its best.

Tasks carried out during preventative maintenance will include the cleaning and checking of projector filters and fans, aligning of projectors, testing of connectivity points, the repair of faulty soldering (e.g. VGA connectors), etc.  Any consumables or repairs that fall outside of the PMA are quoted separately.

Option 2: The Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service Level Agreement (or SLA) specifies the level of service to be provided.  It stipulates the support hours (12 hours vs 24 hours) and response times across various services and levels of urgency.  It also includes a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, as described above.

Depending on the your requirements, we include a certain number of support hours into the SLA, which means that we do not bill you for these hours, as it forms part of the SLA pricing.  We also carry stock of loan or replacement equipment to assist during times of hardware failure, minimising your downtime and keeping your business operational.

The most practical choice for you

No matter which products or services you choose, CommsPartner will tailor the perfect support solution for you.  Don’t be like Norman.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll work on a support plan to minimise your risk and bring you peace of mind.

Ready to take the next step? Want to work with our professional team to assist with your project?

We will assist you with:

  • Consultation Services. We will identify the correct solution for your project.
  • Design Services. We have access to top professional brands from around the world and will quote you on the suitable solution for your project.
  • Project Management Services. We will deal directly with your Interior Designer, Architects, Electricians or Electrical Engineers to ensure the successful planning of the project.
  • Installation Services. Our installation teams are trained to handle any size Corporate Audio Visual, Video Conferencing and IT project throughout Africa. We have installation and support teams in Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa & Uganda.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.
    3-Year Guarantee on all installation and programming work.

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