Polycom CX5500

Polycom CX5500 – Putting A New Spin On Video Conferencing

01:14 25 June in VC

Introducing the new Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station.  This unit is a great alternative to traditional video conference systems and can be connected to any computer.

How Does It Compare With Traditional Video Conference Systems?

We’re the first to admit, immersive video conferencing solutions aren’t for everyone. Even though they do exactly what they are intended to do, with picture and sound so lifelike, you forget you’re not in the same room as your fellow participants.

The thing with immersive video conferencing, or any video conferencing for that matter, is that participants are seated – and have to remain seated, to participate effectively. And herein lies the problem, for some.

If you’re the energetic “mover” type, that likes to jump up to draw “the bigger picture” on an old-school white board, or simply prefer to walk around the room as you talk, being glued to a chair can be somewhat limiting in terms of your ability to express yourself and to deliver your best. Audio and visual conditions are perfect, but the participative ability of the mover is somewhat impaired. And this, you will agree, defeats the object of video conferencing, which to collaborate effectively.

Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station

If you’re a mover – and many people are – this clever little all-in-one conferencing system will move with you. With a 360° panoramic view of the conference room, it has Active Speaker Tracking – a nifty feature that ensures that the camera is always on the speaker, no matter where they are in the room. It’s even smart enough to know who is doing the actual talking vs those simply acknowledging or agreeing to what the speaker is saying.

The Polycom CX5500 HD video and audio clarity is nothing less than amazing. It has a built-in conference phone, which can also be used on its own, and offers compatibility with Microsoft Lync environments or IP PBX solutions.

Great for dynamic and creative business environments, as well as educational environments (where the camera can track question and answer interactions between a presenter and their audience members), this unique powerhouse brings a whole new dimension to video conferencing.

What’s The Drawback?

The only drawback we’ve been able to identify is that the moving camera does not really allow for making direct eye-contact, which is an important factor in creating a truly immersive video conferencing experience. But it’s a small sacrifice for those users who prefer the freedom to move.

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