Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant

Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant • 5 Easy Steps To Install One

14:25 30 August in Audio Visual, AV Tips

How Does The Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant Work?

These Are The Key Features We Like

  • Integrating the Joan display with your favourite calendar application is simple because the on-board software can pair with either Office365, Exchange, Google Apps or iCal.
  • The unit works out-of-the-box with any wireless network therefore no network cables are required.
  • The wall mounting bracket makes it really easy to install without using any tools, well, besides maybe a spirit level.
  • The Joan logo at the top right of the display can be replaced with your own one, thus making your corporate brand more visible to visitors.
  • Because the unit is powered by batteries it will email the administrator low battery signals to avoid any unnecessary downtime.  With an estimated runtime of 3 months we still believe this is a great wireless option.
  • Relocating existing displays to new offices will also be an easy task.  Simply remove the wall mounting from the wall and then replace the double sided tape on the back of the unit. That’s it!

How To Install The Display?

  • Remove the film from the double sided tape at the back of the display before you start the installation.
  • Now place the display on a firm surface outside your meeting room and remember to use a spirit level, otherwise the panel will be skew on the wall.
  • Now gently apply pressure to the panel to firmly fix the panel in position, but remember to keep the panel straight.
  • Finally the installation is done. You can then easily mount and dismount the panel with the installed magnetic housing.

Finally The Big Question. How Much Does It Cost?

The Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant is selling for around R 8,999 and excludes 14% VAT in South Africa.  More attractive pricing will be available for orders above 10 units.

What’s Included In The Price?

  • Joan Room Booking System - Inside BoxA wireless Joan display
  • Easy-stick magnet for simple installation
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant Datasheet
Joan Meeting Room Booking Assistant Datasheet

For more technical information about this product we recommend you download the datasheet.

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