Evoko Liso Room Booking System

Evoko Liso Room Booking System • A Stunning New Screen!

18:44 05 October in Audio Visual, AV Tips

Evoko has recently released the latest room booking screen to their range and we are happy to announce that the new Evoko Liso Room Booking System is now available in South Africa.  The Evoko Liso Room Booking System still supports the same features as the original Evoko Room Manager, but now in a more compact design.

How Does It Work?

  • You can schedule your meetings directly from the Evoko Liso touch-screen outside each meeting room.
  • Green and Red indicator lights on the screen make it easy to identify if a meeting room is occupied, or not.
  • The Evoko Liso Room Booking System integrates directly with most leading mail services like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Apps.
  • Extend the capabilities of the Evoko Liso touch-screen by incorporating it with our NFS Rendezvous Workspace Management platform.
  • An integrated POE enabled Ethernet port simplifies the installation of the screen.  You now only have to run a single network cable to the display.

Design & Features

  • The Evoko Liso Room Booking System features a stunning compact design, yet all the important information is still displayed on the screen.
  • The screen also includes built-in RFID/NFC technology.
  • Remote managing and monitoring of all screens are made possible with the Evoko Home software.
  • Extending the capabilities of the Evoko Liso Screen is made possible thanks to the open source Evoko API.
  • The screen also includes a built-in Wi-Fi technology, making it accessible wirelessly to connect the panel to your corporate network.  You will unfortunately still have to run electricity to the display to power it.

Seamless IT Integration

The Evoko Liso Room Booking System is extremely easy to setup and doesn't require any special IT skills. Your in-house IT department will be able to setup and manage your entire room booking system in a few easy steps. CommsPartner is however here to provide full setup and technical support if you don't have an IT team onboard to manage your services.

What’s Included in The Box?

  • One Evoko Liso Room Booking Touch-Screen.
  • A mounting bracket for standard or glass surface installations.
  • Evoko Control Panel software. The software is used to configure the screen.
  • Access to future Evoko software updates.


The Evoko Liso Room Booking Touch-Screen is definitely our display of choice for meeting room booking systems.  It is a great starting point for any size business to improve how their meetings are managed.  With an entry cost of around ZAR 22,000 ex. 14% VAT per screen, this solution can grow from a basic email integrated solution into a fully integrated workspace management solution.

Evoko Liso Manager Data Sheet
Evoko Liso Manager Data Sheet

For more technical information about this product we recommend you download the datasheet.

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