Crestron 3 Series Control Processors

Crestron 3 Series Control Processors

15:52 03 April in Audio Visual

Crestron 3 Series Control Processors

The 3-Series platform is a revolutionary engineering advancement in integrated control and automation technology. More than just new AV control processor, Crestron 3-Series is an integrated building management platform, capable of unifying the various technologies within a commercial building to operate as a single, intelligent system rather than in silos as separate systems.

More power, speed, memory

3-Series features more power, speed, memory, network connectivity and security than ever before. These network-grade appliances have the reliability and power to drive an entire building without compromising performance or stability.

Native SNMP and BACnet/IP

3-Series control systems natively support SNMP and BACnet/IP to seamlessly communicate and integrate with IT, HVAC, BMS and security systems. Crestron 3-Series provides IT and facilities managers with greater visibility to all devices and systems on the network using their existing management software.

Distributed Architecture

3-Series unique distributed architecture enables multi-tasking, essential to an integrated building solution. Up to 10 programs can operate independently and simultaneously. The central logic engine facilitates rapid communication among all the programs so they function intelligently as a single system.

The distributed architecture makes programming, troubleshooting and uploading much faster and easier because the code is organised into a few smaller programs rather than one large program.

More importantly, program updates won’t disable the entire system. Changes can be made and uploaded to one program while all the other programs continue to operate seamlessly in the background. This is critical in any integrated building management application.

Subnet Control Port

In addition to the LAN port, PRO3, AV3 and CP3N 3-Series systems include a Control Subnet port. This is a powerful and distinctive feature that enables the entire Crestron ecosystem (all systems connected to the control system such as lighting, shades, thermostats, audio/video and security) to connect to the LAN/WAN using just one IP address. Also, the additional Subnet port establishes parallel control with IT networks, which maintains the performance, speed, reliability and security of each.

Crestron 3-Series control systems are the most powerful and versatile network management platforms, offering innovative design architecture and features that make Integrated Building Technology possible today. Crestron Fusion Enterprise Management Software adds a layer of intelligence on top of the 3-Series platform to make an integrated building a truly smart building.

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