Creating an effective audio visual room solutions

Creating an effective audio visual room solutions

16:36 27 January in Audio Visual, AV Tips

Getting the whole picture:  Creating an effective audio visual room solutions

When potential clients contact us for quotes on audio visual room solutions, they are often surprised by the amount of detail that we require in order to determine their exact requirements.  Some of our questions that we ask are pretty straight-forward, but others take a little more thought.

To give you an idea of the information required, here are some of the factors that we will take into consideration when designing the perfect solution for you.

Size of room

Room size dictates your screen size, as well as whether you require a flat screen or projection system.  Acoustically, it also determines how many speakers are required for the even distribution of audio throughout.

Room type

Whether it’s a boardroom or conference room, auditorium, classroom, command room or control centre, different room types generally have different uses, which are factored into the design.

Installation type

Some installations are part of a new construction, while others are a retrofit to an existing structure.  It’s often quicker and easier for us to provide specific requirements to the builders of a new construction, than it is to work with what is already there in the case of a retrofit.  We also need to consider whether we will need to integrate with existing technology, as integration can often prove rather tricky.  Particularly when some of the technology is dated, or simply doesn’t “talk the same language”.


Does the room have natural lighting?  What sort of artificial lighting will you have in the room?  Lighting is taken into account to ensure the correct choice in screen, maximising visibility and reducing eye-strain.

User type

It’s important to consider who will actually be operating the technology.  Are they trainers or teachers, marketing executives, board members, technical specialists or a mixture of staff, with varying degrees of technical know-how?  Systems are designed with the end user in mind. The technically-minded users are more comfortable with technology, while others often require a graphic-rich touch pad that integrates and simplifies the room operation.

Hours of use

Will you be using the equipment 24/7 or 5 hours per week? Your expected “hours of use” determines how robust your equipment should be.  Equipment less suited to heavy use might “burn out” prematurely, while robust equipment designed for 24/7 use will typically require a higher investment.

System and signal integration

What devices and signals do you want to use with the system? Whether you need your system to accommodate computer presentations, document cameras, DVD’s, electronic whiteboards, video conferencing, DStv or audio conferencing, all of these requirements must be stipulated upfront to ensure that the necessary configurations are done and that the various signals can be routed correctly.  Sometimes a “nice-to-have” can incur extensive configurations costs, so it’s important to establish what is actually needed.


If we know what your budgetary expectations are, from the outset, we can make appropriate recommendations during consultation.  Installation costs vary from under R50,000 to well over R1mil.  Provided there are no unusual requirements, we should be able to give you a “ball-park” figure at the end of our first consultation, followed by a formal quotation should you wish to proceed.

Taking into account all of the above factors, and more, CommsPartner’s audio visual specialists will design a streamlined solution that not only meets the specific requirements of your business, but ensures ease of use for the intended end user.

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