Converging your Technology- The Benefits of a Unified Approach copy

Converging your Technology: The Benefits of a Unified Approach

07:00 26 February in Audio Visual, IT, VC

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When dealing with AV, video conferencing and IT companies, it’s not uncommon for your service providers to get their technology wires crossed – and you can take that as literally as you wish! But where these industries have historically collided (be it in your conduits, in your server cabinet and even in your project meetings), CommsPartner has developed a unique service offering that combines all three.

The convergence of these services enables us to provide a holistic offering – one that integrates the technologies strategically, with a single perspective on your infrastructure, equipment and software.

What does this mean for our clients?

Streamlined services

By combining AV, video and IT services, we are able to take advantage of the overlaps in technology, which means that we can shed redundant components, such as infrastructure and controls.

Reduced equipment and installation costs

In streamlining your infrastructure, we often use the same cables, switches, cabinets and server rooms for multiple services. This saves our clients significant amounts on equipment costs, as well as on set-up costs.


Being in a position to design all aspects of your technology, we are able to visualise and create highly customised and personalised solutions that integrate various complementary technologies, allowing them to interact with one another in a manner that enhances the total solution.


With insights into your various technologies and their infrastructural requirements, we ensure that your solutions are built in a manner that any of your services can be easily expanded, without compromising the other services, and without risk of performance loss.

Ease of use

We simplify the lives of our clients by simplifying their technology. In providing a comprehensive yet streamlined solution, we integrate the operation of your various services, with universal controls and graphic rich touchpads that are easy to access, easy to understand and easy to use. (No need to have IT standing by for every meeting.)

Quicker fault resolution

When things go wrong, clients might find themselves flipping a coin to see which service provider’s support desk to call first. The support desk will then do initial trouble-shooting to determine where a problem might lie, in order to establish which service provider is actually responsible. As a result, precious time is wasted figuring out who might be able to fix the problem, before fault resolution even begins.

As a converged services provider, and depending on the scope of our appointment, CommsPartner is able to act as a single point of contact for all technical aspects of your business. No matter what the fault, we can quickly pinpoint and resolve any problems that might arise.

Reduced support and maintenance costs

With a single technology provider, typically operating over a single network, that provider is often better equipped to offer remote support and fault resolution. That is, in comparison to having several providers on site – where limited network visibility and access (due to the security protocols of other providers) might require a visit to site to establish where a problem lies.

In addition, with a single network, clients are likely to encounter fewer technical issues. There are fewer points of failure and fewer components to be maintained.

Personal service

There are companies that offer the same services as CommsPartner, but this is often provided through separate divisions, or at least separate teams, with separate management.

CommsPartner takes a unified approach, where every one of our technology specialists receives extensive training on all aspects of our service offering. Consequently, we do not require separate teams for every service. We can rely on fewer team members, who in turn get to know each of our client sites well. This allows us to attend to all matters with greater efficiency, while building good working relations ships with our clients.

Ready to take the next step? Want to work with our professional team to assist with your project?

We will assist you with:

  • Consultation Services. We will identify the correct solution for your project.
  • Design Services. We have access to top professional brands from around the world and will quote you on the suitable solution for your project.
  • Project Management Services. We will deal directly with your Interior Designer, Architects, Electricians or Electrical Engineers to ensure the successful planning of the project.
  • Installation Services. Our installation teams are trained to handle any size Corporate Audio Visual, Video Conferencing and IT project throughout Africa. We have installation and support teams in Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa & Uganda.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.
  • 3-Year Guarantee on all installation and programming work.

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