Arrive Room Booking System

Arrive Room Booking System – Affordable Solution for SA

13:32 24 November in Audio Visual, AV Tips

CommsPartner is now officially the new Strategic Alliance Partner for the Arrive Room Booking System in South Africa.  The new room booking system will be available for sale from the 1st of December 2016, and CommsPartner will also be keeping our customers up to date on the additional Arrive products that will be available for sale from the first quarter of 2017.

We are really excited about this new brand and are confident that it will add a new dimension to our service offering.

Arrive AIP-ID-1000 Room Panel

Arrive InfoPath

Arrive Infopoint

Arrive Room Booking System Features

  • Powerful Arrive InfoPoint 2.0 standalone software syncs with Google Calendar and Microsoft® Outlook™ / Microsoft Exchange calendars meeting invitation process and schedule management without the need for a dedicated server application
  • Reserve and schedule directly from the Arrive InfoPoint™ 10” touch panel with simple intuitive steps
  • Schedule recurring events on a daily and weekly basis
  • Faster and more convenient options for ad hoc on screen bookings:
    • “By Duration” – Uses Quick Pick, a feature allowing users to choose meeting duration time in 15/30/45/60/90/120 minute blocks. Also allows discrete selection by keying in the exact number of minutes required
  • “Check-in” feature ensures reserved rooms are actually in use. Users are required to “check-in” on the physical InfoPoint device prior to the reserved time, otherwise the room will become “Available” due to no-show
  • Provision for Brand/Logo display, along with a ticker line running messages and other announcements  on Home screen
  • Display important messages via the Note button on the front panel for meeting attendees
  • Create, Extend, End, and View room schedules on-the-fly
  • Display weather information on the home screen
  • Enhanced theme feature to have more stylish background options
  • Provide issue resolution, use analysis and reports
  • Affordable, value-added hardware with a 10” capacitive touch screen and bright LED status indicators powered by PoE wired LAN and optional DC power. Choose between wired LAN or WiFi network access.

Arrive OnePoint EdgelessMedia® Server® Resource Management Platform

Arrive OnePoint EdgelessMedia® Server® Resource Management Platform

  • Universal Calendar Synchronisation : OnePoint offers seamless calendar synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange Room resource mailboxes that provides MS Outlook booked meetings to reflect on Arrive devices as well as Google Calendar meeting schedules.
  • Unified Global Management: OnePoint provisions and manages designated room resources centrally including provisioning Arrive connected device user interfaces ensuring that policies and graphic standards are unified across geographic locations, time zones and different languages.
  • Cloud Application Delivery: Centrally allow applications that you wish to provide access to in group work places such as meeting rooms, classrooms and any other shared meeting places (ex. Lobby Areas, Hot Desks, HR Interview Rooms)
  • Cloud based Room Environment and Audio Visual Controls: Centrally provision control user interface buttons and scripts for connected third party environment (ex. Room Blinds, Lighting and AC/Heaters) and AV devices (ex. TV’s, Projectors, Blu-ray players, Switchers, and Audio Systems). OnePoint completely automates the UI design and deployment directly to wired and wireless control tablets.
  • Automatically detects active Arrive devices
  • Easy to navigate menu divided into main divisions and a sub-menu quick link for frequently accessed pages
  • Friendly and simple user icons
  • Provides preview windows for branding or control theme functions
  • Provides import/export functions for EMS-Control settings to easily control replication in similar room settings
  • Provides room control feedback and customised theme functions

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