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Why video conferencing is really good for business.

07:00 31 July in VC

Since the early 60’s, the idea of video conferencing has grabbed the imaginations of millions.  Think Star Trek, along with just about any movies and series that featured space travel. Those angry bosses, alien races in need (usually with really distorted visuals and patchy sound) and, of course, the repugnant dictator-types threatening to take over the universe.  All making unscheduled on-screen appearances in the control room – and usually indicating some sort of crisis about to unfold for our heroes.

Leap forward 50 years in time and video conferencing is no longer the stuff of science-fiction. In fact, it’s arrived hundreds of years earlier than imagined, with quality so much better than we could have hoped.  But without alien oppressors to worry about, why all the fuss?

Because, it’s really good for business.  And here’s why.

The business benefits of video conferencing

Like any technology designed for business, video conferencing has been developed as a tool to help companies reach their various business objectives.  In the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  The biggest win with video conferencing is that it significantly reduces the need for travel, which in turn brings massive benefits.  Let’s take a quick look at what it can do for your business:

Save on Time

Forget the red-eyed flights to catch that early morning meeting.  The hours spent in traffic, just to meet for 20 minutes.  The waiting around for attendees who are running late.

Tip: You can even save 5 minutes on shining your shoes.  Because, let’s face it, who’s going to know?  

Save on costs

Flights, fuel, car hire, airport parking, hotels, restaurant bills… Employee travel costs quickly add up!

Increase efficiency

Less travel means more time to do other things.  PLUS, consultancy-type businesses (e.g. legal advisors) that bill by the hour, are able to schedule more meetings (read billable hours) into their day.

Reduce risk

With travel comes risk.  Whether it’s flying or driving, each time you send your star sales team off, you’re increasing their risk of accidental injury.

Improve employee well-being

Leaving their families, catching flights, sleeping away from home – travel is stressful for most employees.

Expand your reach

If your only barrier to gaining customers is distance, video conferencing provides an easy answer.  As video conferencing gains traction in the business world, you might even find that some customers prefer to use this means of communication above any other.  Having the right technology in place might just win you their business!

Improve on employee and customer relations

Multi-branch businesses love the virtual face-to-face.  It allows colleagues and management to make more than just e-mail or telephone contact, allowing for more regular face-to-face interaction, which is often sorely missed.

The same goes for customers, who often only get to meet one or two representatives of their supplier companies.  Regular face-to-face interactions between the various departments of both customer and supplier allows for more meaningful interaction – and better working relationships all-round.

So what can’t video conferencing do?

Video conferencing will never replace the handshake.  As far as we’re concerned, to win business, you need to make an effort.  In many instances, this means travelling to your potential client to prove that you are worth their spend.  And, of course, to give them opportunity to suss you out – from head to carefully polished shoe.

But once you’ve made that connection, and earned your client’s trust, video conferencing can prove to be a valuable tool indeed.  Not only can you meet with your client at a moment’s notice, if required.  Your client will also appreciate the all-round flexibility of scheduling.  Need to meet today, with a client situated 2000km away?  No problem.

But is video conferencing the right answer for your business?

We’re here to help you figure out the best solution – for your business, your requirements, your location, your existing infrastructure.  We’ll assess and advise on any network changes required.  Ensuring that your video conferencing investment brings the highest returns possible.

Sound appealing?

Obviously, we think video conferencing is a no-brainer.  But we’d love to hear more about your specific business requirements, so that we might convince you too.  Drop us an e-mail or give us a call.  You can even choose to visit some of our most prestigious clients, to see our solutions in action.

Hoping to hear from you soon!