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Polycom Pano – Add Wireless Content Sharing To Your VC System

15:36 09 June in VC, VC Tips

Polycom has recently announced the released of their new Polycom Pano wireless presentation solution. The unit is not yet available in South Africa and based on my discussion with Polycom it will hopefully be available for sale around the end of September 2017.

Once we receive the unit, we will update this post with more information and how the unit performs if compared to other leading brands. Most of the wireless units work fairly well, but when it comes to video playback, it regularly fails.

Ok, let’s jump in and give you a quick breakdown of all the features you can expect from this unit.

Quick Look At The Polycom Pano

Feature List

  • Supporting the most robust wireless sharing technologies for easy connections through Windows Miracast and Apple Airplay
  • Connect with legacy operating systems with Pano App
  • Industry-leading security in the room with revolving PIN Code and over the air encryption for data protection
  • See every detail in crystal clear 4K60 fps, RGB: 4:4:4 resolution and colour depth
  • Get fully interactive collaboration by simply connecting Polycom Pano to optional touch-capable displays with a USB cable
  • Experience intuitive multi-touch interface for adjusting layout, zoom, and pan images or even live video
  • Annotate over content, brainstorm with the infinite whiteboard, and save from your Pan App
  • Extend the sharing experience over distance with RealPresence Group Series integration
  • Encrypted media streams ensure data protection from malicious attacks


From the videos and the specifications provided it looks like the Polycom Pano will be a quality contender in the wireless presentation market. We can now only hope that the Polycom Pano will be competitively priced and that the video performance will be on par or even outperforming its competitors.

Just a note for our customers who need to ensure the unit can integrate with an enterprise network. The Polycom Pano doesn’t include a built-in wireless access point. We recommend you create a dedicated VLAN for your Polycom Pano devices and then ensure that only traffic from your Guest and Corporate LAN can access the subnet in the said VLAN. It is also important that the “Polycom Pano VLAN” will be blocked from communicating with the Guest and Corporate VLAN’s. If you are using a dedicated VLAN for your video conference systems, you will have to provide access to the Polycom Pano and Video Conference VLAN’s.

For more information about this product or any other one of goods or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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