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Lifesize Icon 700 • 4K Video Conferencing

09:46 24 February in VC, VC Tips

With the release of the Lifesize Icon 700, the world’s first true 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing video conferencing solution, we finally have something new to look forward to in the industry.

I know there will be several people disagreeing with me on this topic, but the reality is that if you want to eliminate the need to travel to meet with someone in person you better ensure that your experience in a video conference meeting is the same as meeting in person.

The Lifesize Icon 700 at ISE 2019

Top 5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Never Works

  • Connecting with another person via video is extremely difficult
  • The video and audio experience is so bad that you end up cancelling the meeting
  • Sharing your content doesn’t always work
  • The network is setup incorrectly causing video and voice breakup
  • The room setup is poorly designed

Want to increase sales and productivity?

If you are serious about implementing a business strategy that involves video conferencing you have to meet with the right audio visual partner to make this a reality.  Video conferencing is a great business tool that will increase productivity, profits, and reduce the travel time of your team.

One of the most prominent mistakes executives make today is thinking that implementing a “cost-effective” video conference system will be the right approach to introducing the concept to the team.  How can anyone be so stupid? I do apologise if I offend anyone but this is happening every day, and then those same executives blame it on the cheap technology.

If you want to make a success of anything in business you have to be fully committed and understand what implications it will have on your business.  For that to work your CEO, CFO, and CIO has to be involved with your audio visual partner to discuss your business strategy and what video conferencing must ultimately change in your business.  The first thing that comes to mind is saving money on your travel costs. You only want to reduce an expense if it is not contributing to your sales or productivity in your business.  Travelling costs must not be the motivation, but using video conferencing to increase sales and productivity must be.

Do you employ incompetent people?

If you are an executive reading this article, I challenge you to think about your staff. Do you employ people who are cheap and not going to help your business increase your turnover?  If yes, then video conferencing is not the tool for your business.  I would stop reading this article and continue with business as usual.

If you are the executive or business owner who wants to take your business to the next level and is committed to increasing your sales and profits in your company, then make contact with the CommsPartner team today.  We will advise you on the correct solution that will work for your business. I guarantee you that your team will be more productive, reach more customers in different locations, and align the vision of your staff no matter where they are around the world.

If you are the CEO, CFO, or CIO of your business you can contact me directly by phoning our office to schedule an appointment. Derek Olivier – Managing Director