Crestrons Skype for Business System

Crestron’s Skype for Business System – More Than Just A VC Solution

04:02 10 August in VC, VC Tips

Simplifying the operation in your video conferencing rooms has never been easier than with Crestron’s Skype for Business System.  It seamlessly integrates with Skype for Business to provide you with a simplified user interface that you might be familiar with on your laptop or mobile device.  Our traditional way of managing video conference rooms are changing on a daily basis and if you can integrate with Skype for Business it does provide a simplified way to connect with people.

When using Skype for Business you don’t have to manually update your corporate directory or struggle with complicated IP addresses or other Virtual Meeting Room addresses to connect your meetings.  All you have to do is schedule your meeting and include the Crestron’s Skype for Business System in your invite.  When you enter the room the meeting button will be ready for you to join the meeting by pressing one button.

Crestrons Skype for Business Interface

Why Use Crestron’s Skype for Business System?

While writing this post I can already imagine several advanced video conference users asking the question why you must use Crestron’s Video Conference System when more cost effective solution are available on the market.  My answer to your questions is simple.  If you are planning to streamline your meeting room spaces and looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your rooms and audio visual services, then the Crestron range of solutions is your best option.  They have excelled in all aspects of the future office spaces and have working solutions that can save you money in the long run.

Features That Is Unique For VC Systems

  • Seamlessly Integrate With Skype for Business (On-premise or Office365)
  • Control Your Audio Visual Equipment, Lights, Shades, And More From The Same Touch Panel
  • Manage The Room Via The Crestron Fusion Room Management Solution
  • Add Additional Features Like Crestron’s PinPoint and AirMedia
  • Managed All Rooms From One Easy To Use Interface

Expand The System With The Solutions Below

Room Booking Panel
Crestron TSS-752
Hallway Sign
Crestron A-SSW

Ready to take the next step? Want to work with our professional team to assist with your project?

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  • Project Management Services. We will deal directly with your Interior Designer, Architects, Electricians or Electrical Engineers to ensure a successful project.
  • Installation Services. In addition to South Africa, we also have installation and support teams in Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda and Uganda, making any size Corporate Audio VisualVideo Conferencing and Workspace Management project possible throughout Africa.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.
  • 3-Year Guarantee on all installation and programming work.

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