Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera

Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera

18:29 02 January in VC, VC Tips

The future of simplified and clear video communication is here thanks to the new Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera system!

Now is the time to stop low productivity and wasted time in your business caused by your outdated teleconference and legacy video conference systems. These outdated systems are forcing your teams to fly between cities or even countries for that vital customer and internal staff meetings which need to happen more frequently and without any delays. While you waste your time travelling between cities and to other countries, your competitors are delivering their services and products to your customers via crystal clear video collaboration systems. More frequent face time with customers and teams will improve sales and productivity. Don’t waste your limited time this year.

Crestron Flex B100 Series Wall-mount Smart Soundbar

What makes the Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera so amazing is the fact that no additional microphones, speakers, or camera are required because it is all built into the soundbar. Mounted on the wall beneath your display the Crestron UC Soundbar looks great and sounds even better. Its high-powered stereo speakers, adaptive beamforming microphone, and advanced Crestron Avia™ digital signal processing deliver exceptional speakerphone performance with profoundly clear, echo-free voice clarity. Its compact, all-in-one design reduces clutter on the conference table, and even accommodates rooms with no meeting room table at all.

The new Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Sound Bar & Camera is a revolutionary all-in-one front-of-room device that makes video conferencing effortless. It is the perfect solution for huddle rooms and medium-sized meeting rooms that you want to upgrade into a video collaboration space.

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Key Features

  • A complete conferencing speakerphone and camera solution in one stunning front-of-room device
  • Sleek and stylish soundbar design installs cleanly beneath the room display(s) — mounts on the wall or sits on a credenza
  • Multicolour status bar — stylishly indicates audio volume, mute, and operational status
  • 180° far-field adaptive beamforming microphone array — senses who is speaking and optimises directionality for clear pickup
  • 7 meter microphone pickup range — eliminates any need for tabletop microphones
  • High-powered 2-way stereo speakers — produces full, rich, and natural sound quality
  • Advanced AEC & DSP technology — affords exceptional full-duplex audio performance with highly-intelligible, echo-free 2-way voice quality
  • Built-in Huddly IQ™ camera — a premium conferencing camera fully integrated into the soundbar
  • Ultra wide-angle 150° diagonal field of view — captures the entire room
  • Genius Framing lossless digital auto-zoom — automatically detects people and frames them correctly in the shot
  • Full HD 1080p video resolution, precision optics, and advanced video processing — delivers a crystal clear video image
  • 3 x digital zoom, pan, and tilt — allows manual shot control and presets via software [1]
  • People counting — enables room usage analytics via software [1]
  • USB 3.0 — provides audio and video connectivity through a single USB interface (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Plug & Play — compatible with major computer OS platforms running any web conferencing software
  • Engineered to Microsoft Teams® and Skype® for Business specifications
  • Available as part of a complete Crestron Flex UC system for Microsoft Teams
  • Analog audio I/O — input and output connections for local source and assistive listening devices
  • Integral hinged mounting bracket — simplifies wall mount installation
  • Low-power standby — wakes and sleeps automatically to save energy
  • Internal power supply — 100 to 240 Volt AC line powered

  1. This feature is not utilised as part of a Crestron Flex system. Requires Huddly™ software or other software that supports this feature.
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