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Cloud Backup Service • Secure Your Business Data

01:25 25 March in IT, IT Tips

Protect your critical business data today with our range of Managed and Unmanaged Cloud Backup Services!  If you are a small or medium sized business and worried about the following, then you must contact us today.

  1. I’m not sure if critical data is being backed-up
  2. I only have an onsite back-up
  3. I don’t know if my backups are working or if the data can be restored

Don’t put your business at risk and make contact with us today to implement a proper backup and recovery plan.

The team at CommsPartner takes security and data protection serious and will assist you to implement a two stage backup and recovery plan that will ensure that your data is saved and that it can be recovered from an onsite backup, or our Cloud Backup platform when disaster strikes.

This is basically how it works.

Cloud Backup Service How It Works

What We Include In Our Cloud Backup Service

  1. Free Software for your PC, Server, IOS, and Android Devices
  2. Backup your Office365 mail boxes
  3. Government-Approved, Safe AES-256 Encryption
  4. Telephone and Email Support via our Support Desk
  5. You only pay for the data you store in our Cloud Backup platform.  Local backups are free of charge.
  6. Our Managed Service allows you to completely outsource your backup and recover responsibility to us.
  7. Extremely low monthly cost.
    1. Unmanaged Cloud Backup Service – R 2.50* per Gigabyte of data stored in our Cloud
    2. Managed Cloud Backup Service – R 5.00* per Gigabyte of data stored in our Cloud
    3. You can install our backup software free of charge on an unlimited number for Windows PCs, Windows Servers, Mac’s, IOS- and Android Devices.
  8. First 30-days is completely free.  You can use this as a trial if you are still unsure if you want to use our service.

Wide Range Of Cloud Backup Options

Cloud Backup Options

Our Cloud Backup Service Is Driven By Our Amazing Acronis Backup Platform

Ready to take the next step? Want to work with our professional team to assist with your project?

We will assist you with:

  • Consultation Services. We will identify the correct solution for your project.
  • Design Services. We can quote on a suitable solution for your project due to access to a full range of professional brands from around the world.
  • Project Management Services. We will deal directly with your Interior Designer, Architects, Electricians or Electrical Engineers to ensure a successful project.
  • Installation Services. In addition to South Africa, we also have installation and support teams in Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda and Uganda, making any size Corporate Audio VisualVideo Conferencing and Workspace Management project possible throughout Africa.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.
  • 3-Year Guarantee on all installation and programming work.

And a whole lot more! Contact us today for a free consultation meeting.

* All prices excludes 14% VAT

* Minimum backup data limits might be applicable