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Arrive FacePoint • Open Platform Video Collaboration

07:37 27 January in VC, VC Tips

Arrive FacePoint is a new turnkey, centrally managed video collaboration solution offered by CommsPartner in South Africa. This exciting new video collaboration offering is the perfect solution for newcomers, and for businesses who have used traditional video conference systems the past 20 years.

Arrive FacePoint seamlessly integrates with existing video platforms from Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom and all mainstream web-based platforms such as Vidyo, Go-to-Meeting, Zoom, Fuze, just to name a few. Arrive also provides a full range of displays, cameras and microphones – and also integrates with all leading industry manufacturers.

Why Use Arrive FacePoint?

  • The Arrive FacePoint is an affordable collaboration and HD video conferencing solution that can be deployed in any meeting room and by improving communications in a distributed work environment.
  • It provides an open standard, multi-platform solution that works with most video collaboration platforms on the market. You are no longer limited to a particular brand and locked into using the same video conferencing solution for the next ten years. With Arrive FacePoint you can switch your business over from Google Hangouts to Microsoft Skype for Business without changing any hardware.
  • The Arrive FacePoint solution also allows your content during a meeting using the Arrive HuddlePoint system in the room.  You can now easily connect your presentation device and share your content without any issues. Arrive FacePoint also offers a Whiteboard solution to allow you to collaborate interactively during a video call. Enabling faster, better, more informed decisions – regardless of location and time zone.

Scale More Rapidly and Maximise Your Investment

  • Leverage your existing Video Conferencing infrastructure without making huge upgrades and migrate seamlessly to new platforms.
  • Enjoy the benefits of multi-party HD video collaboration – within the enterprise, with customers, vendors and partners.
  • Integrate multiple vendor platforms and manage everything from the convenience of an elegant touch screen controller and intuitive interface.  You can now use Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, or GoToMeeting from the same device.  Wow isn’t that great!
  • Protect your technology investment with Arrive’s open standards and Web RTC (real time communication) ready platforms.

Finally, Quality and Affordable Video Collaboration

  • The Arrive FacePoint is perfect for every room type – small huddle spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, and even large boardrooms.
  • Leverage your existing video enabled tools and select the most appropriate conferencing application. Connect meeting rooms with other huddle and conference rooms. Connect with your participants using laptops, smartphones and tablet devices for a true multi-party conference.
  • Sharing content in real time allows all participants to access the same information immediately.  Your teams will execute tasks faster, better, and make more informed decisions as if they are in the same room.
  • Reduce your travel bill substantially and start making important decisions today!  Not need to wait for at airports and stay in expensive hotels to keep your team connected and communicating.  Video collaboration is not the future it is now; let us help you connect your people together.

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